When to get a tune up for your car

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How to tell when a car needs a tune up

Can you remember the last time you took your car in for a tune up? If the answer is no, odds are it’s probably due for one. While your vehicle may appear to be running normally, there could still be issues going unnoticed. With new models particularly, it’s important to pay close attention to the slightest change in your engine. The current technology in cars often covers up what would normally be a sign of problems with your car. Looking for these common signs a vehicle needs a tune up can save you in the long run.

If you find yourself wondering when to get a tune up, there are a few signs you can look for to give you an idea of what’s happening under the hood. Some signs of problems are obvious, while others are more subtle. If you notice that your vehicle makes a knocking noise while accelerating or driving uphill, this is often a sign that your engine needs attention. While this could just be caused your car having a tank full of inferior gas, it could also be a carbon build-up inside the engine. Difficulty starting your vehicle is also a sign that your engine could use some work. This is a common issue in cars, and it is usually solved with some maintenance.

Stalling or losing power are more signs that your car needs a tune up. These issues can be  caused by several factors, so it’s difficult to identify the source without a thorough inspection. If you notice your vehicle has either of these problems, even just in certain conditions, chances are there is something wrong in your engine.

Subtle signs your vehicle needs a tune up

Certain signs of problems require you pay a little closer attention to your vehicle. It’s common for engine issues to lead to less fuel efficiency in your vehicle. If you notice that your vehicle’s gas mileage is not what it used to be, the cause could be an issue with its engine. Keeping track of your MPG is a good way to ensure your vehicle is running properly.

In addition to strange sounds, odors are also signs of problems. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, this is usually a sign of issues with your engine or catalytic converter. Both issues can be resolved with some maintenance.

Without a healthy engine, your vehicle is a ticking time bomb. Engine maintenance is a vital part of having a well-kept vehicle, so knowing when it needs a tune up is essential for car owners. If you notice your vehicle is running differently or showing any of the above signs, be sure to contact us to set up an appointment for a tune up. If you know what you’re looking for and want faster service, we can get you rolling faster with our Service Xpress.

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