Avoid Costly Service with a Wheel Alignment Check at Speedcraft VW

June 10th, 2014 by

Wheel Alignment Check Providence RI

Maintaining proper wheel alignment helps to avoid all types of vehicle issues.

Of all potential vehicle maintenance issues, perhaps the easiest to overlook is wheel alignment. We typically consider our tires only in the most basic sense–that is, that if we keep them properly inflated, then we are doing our part to ensure their sustained health. At Speedcraft VW, we’ve come to realize that the opposite is true. Maintaining proper wheel alignment helps to mitigate a great number of potential costs, and the reasons for having your alignment checked are numerous.

You’ll save fuel. Your tires are designed to run flat upon the road surface, but when the alignment is off, this is not the case. The result is that the tires aren’t running on the surface they were intended to, thus increasing the resistance from the road surface and causing uneven friction on your tires. All of these competing forces make your tires work harder to move forward, and that extra work means higher fuel consumption.

It’s terrible for your tires. The uneven wear caused by poor alignment results in your tires becoming worn more quickly on one side than the other. This greatly limits the overall length of your tires, and causes a rougher ride in the meantime. Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that under most warranty conditions, damage to tires from maintenance issues (read: poor alignment) is almost never covered. It isn’t a manufacturing discount, it’s a maintenance issue. That one’s on you, pal.

Improper wheel alignment causes uneven wear on your tires.

It’s just safer. If you’ve ever been driving and felt your vehicle pull to one side or the other, this is generally due to faulty wheel alignment. It also becomes even more difficult to drive in poor conditions such as rain or winter weather, when steering can already be taxing. A little attention to maintaining alignment can greatly improve the overall safety of car travel.

It makes your car work harder than it needs to. The strain caused by poor alignment isn’t limited superficial tire damage. Uneven tires can negatively affect your power steering system. They can cause extensive damage to your car’s suspension, which is made up of complicated and specifically calibrated parts. It can even hurt your brake system, and the brake shaft in particular.

At Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, we feature a full-service automotive department who can quickly and accurately diagnose any alignment issues you might be having, many of which can go undiagnosed until it’s too late. We also feature a variety of available service specials, including those involving alignment and tire service. We look forward to seeing you soon at Speedcraft VW, where we’ll get your alignment issues quickly managed to return you to the road as soon as possible.


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