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November 5th, 2015 by

Volkswagen TDI Diesel Info Update

Volkswagen continues its effort to win back the trust of the American consumers and make things right with TDI owners with a big announcement.  This Monday, November 9th 2015, Volkswagen will contact registered TDI drivers that own a model affected by the EPA emissions defeat system. If you have not registered with VW TDI Info to receive updates regarding your Diesel Volkswagen, please follow the directions below.

VW TDI Prepaid Gift Cards & Roadside Assistance Info

In addition to the current loyalty bonus, Volkswagen informed Speedcraft today, that VW will provide qualifying TDI owners with two prepaid gift cards and three years of 24 hour roadside assistance.  The first card will be a Visa cash gift card and the other will be “VW Dealer” gift card.  The amounts for each card have not been disclosed by VW as of 11/5/15.

Your “VW Dealer” prepaid gift card will be valid at any VW dealer and will be treated like cash.  You can use these funds for accessories, service, down payment towards a vehicle, or to purchase an extended warranty.

The prepaid Visa cash gift card will be good where ever Visa is accepted, including Speedcraft VW.

After you receive your gift cards from Volkswagen, you will be required to visit a dealership in order to validate and activate both prepaid gift cards.  Speedcraft  has decided to enhance the Volkswagen offer to all qualifying TDI Diesel owners that choose to validate their gift cards at our dealership (more details coming soon).

Sign Up: Volkswagen TDI Info

Please have the VIN for your Volkswagen TDI handy and head over to to confirm your model is affected and to complete the registration process.  Once you arrive, simply click on “Learn More” and follow the directions.  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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