Stay safe behind the wheel with Volkswagen driver assistance features

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Volkswagen driver assistance

Safety has always been a top priority for the Volkswagen brand. That’s why new Volkswagen models offer new driver assistance safety features designed to help the driver not only maintain control of their vehicle, but avoid accidents as well. The Volkswagen driver assistance system comes with seven innovative technologies that function using an integrated camera and radar.

The world’s full of twists and turns so it can be difficult for drivers to be prepared for everything. To give them a hand and a little more confidence on the road, new Volkswagen vehicles will feature driver assistance features to help prepare for the unexpected.

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The features included with the Volkswagen Driver Assistance package

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Forward Collision Warning w/ Autonomous Emergency Braking

Your vehicle uses front sensors to monitor traffic ahead of it and alert you to the possibility of a collision. If a collision is unavoidable, the system will automatically apply brakes.

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Adaptive Cruise Control

This system helps you keep your distance from the cars ahead of you using front radar to detect the distance between you and the car ahead of you and adjust your cruise control set speed accordingly.

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Park Assist

Never struggle with parallel parking again with VW’s new Parking Assist feature which assists the driver in judging if a spot is large enough for your vehicle and assist in maneuvering into the space.

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Lane Departure Warning

Your vehicle will sense when your vehicle deviates from its lane by using its camera and radar to detect lane lines. So if you leave a lane without signaling, the system will alert you and take corrective action.

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Blind Spot Monitor

A sensor on the side of your vehicle is able to detect nearby vehicles that you might miss in your blind spot. This system assists with merging and changing lanes.

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Rear Traffic Alert

Avoid the risk of backing into another vehicle in parking lots with your Volkswagen’s available rear sensors that will alert you if a vehicle is crossing your path while in reverse and apply brakes if needed.[/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”clear”][/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”one_half”]

Parking Pilot

Shown on the right, we touched on this briefly when discussing Park Assist, but the Parking Pilot will help you back out or drive into a parking spot by giving you audio and visual alerts when your vehicle becomes too close to cars around it.

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