Tips to Prevent Storm Damage to Your VW

March 3rd, 2018 by

With one Nor’easter after another pounding the region, preventing storm damage is a top worry of Volkswagen owners looking to protect their investment.

At Speedcraft VW in Wakefield, we hear your concerns. Here are some ideas to prevent damage that comes from snow, ice and the sand and salt mixture spread on roads.

Take extra care in the winter to keep your car well maintained and clean – not easy with low temperatures – but important. Extensive damage can be caused by the sand and salt mixture used to speed ice melt on roadways and provide traction. The salt and water combine to create rust if not addressed immediately. Corrosion can ravage the undercarriage and body of your Volkswagen. Sometimes, a mixture of highly acidic water, salt and magnesium chloride is used, which can cause even greater damage. The longer the salt and grime sits on your car, the more likely you are to see rust form.

Some tips:

  • Avoid puddles and plow trucks – Puddles can hold more salt, and driving behind the plow means you will be the first to drive through fresh salt.
  • Wash your vehicle after a snow storm – The best way to prevent corrosion is to wash any ice melt mixtures off your car as soon as possible. Make sure you spray under the vehicle to get the undercarriage clean. Dry your car thoroughly before it has a chance to freeze. And consider getting wax, which will add another layer of protection between the elements and your Volkswagen’s paint job.
  • Get an inspection and keep regular maintenance appointments – Concerns can be allayed by a quick trip to Speedcraft VW in Wakefield. Use Service Xpress, or schedule an online appointment today.

Other considerations in cold weather:

  • Rubber components can fail – Cold stiffens rubber, making it less pliable and more likely to tear or break. That’s why windshield wipers sometimes seem less effective in winter – the rubber isn’t conforming to the curve of the windshield.
  • Batteries can die – An old battery that may have been functioning without problems can die overnight in the freezing cold. Ask your technician at Speedcraft VW to test your battery or replace it if needed.
  • Gas can freeze – Keep your tank more than half full. Not only will this keep you running if you are trapped in slow-moving traffic in a storm, it will also help to prevent any freezing liquids from damaging your gas tank.
  • Tire pressure drops – Tires can lose one pound per square inch (psi) for every 10 degrees of temperature drop. Ask your Speedcraft VW technician to check for under-inflated tires, which are subject to damage or failure especially in snow and icy conditions
  • Fluids thicken – Cold weather makes it harder for fluids to flow quickly. Check oil, antifreeze, power steering, brake and transmission fluids.

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