Now is Best Time of Year to Buy a New VW

November 12th, 2017 by

New VW Incentives

The best time to buy a new VW is now. Not only are prices reduced on 2017 models as the 2018 vehicles move onto the lot, but Black Friday savings have already started at Speedcraft VW in Wakefield.

It seems “end of year” timing for new car purchases is the only area of agreement on the much-debated topic. Edmunds, which offers auto information, reviews and advice, says there are “as many theories on this topic as there are days in the year.” Some say the end of the month is best; others say buy at the end of the day; some say bad weather days are best. Edmunds says there’s a grain of truth in all of those ideas, but if your main goal is to buy or lease at the best price, December will give you a “perfect storm” of savings.

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But why wait? Black Friday deals are running throughout November. This November, you can find all sorts of incentives on Volkswagen vehicles. Many models have financing rates under 2%, which is generally a better rate than what you’ll get if you secure your own financing. Also, deals include three-year leases with payments under $400 per month and less than $3,000 due at signing on many models.

And remember, all active military and veterans get an additional $500 off on any new car in stock.

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At Speedcraft VW, you will find an incredible selection of VW vehicles, including Atlas, Golf, Jetta and Tiguan, and a team of experts to help you at every step of the way. From the paperwork to the financing, everything is simple and seamless. Customers love our no-nonsense approach.

After all is said and done, Edmunds advises buyers to think about your needs, not your timing. “Car buying can be stressful, and it can take more than a month to go from deciding what to buy to actually closing the deal.” Why pressure yourself? Do your research and buy when you’re ready, but if you’re ready now you’ll save big.