How to keep kids occupied in the car

May 4th, 2015 by

With the summer fast approaching and school ending for the year, kids are going to be looking forward to your next family vacation. While they may be looking forward to your next family trip, you may be dreading the drive with a car full of cooped-up kids. Worry not! We have some tips for keeping your kids occupied and your own sanity. So whether you’ve got a twenty minute drive or six hour trip, these tips and tricks are sure to make long drives more bearable for you and your kids.

Make the car ride fun

Making the car ride fun is easier than it sounds. If you want to keep kids occupied in the back seat, try providing them with new toys. These don’t have to be extravagant or expensive toys, Silly Putty, yo-yos and other small toys found at the dollar store will do a lot to curb their boredom. Coloring books, word searches and other paper games are also a great way to entertain kids during the trip. Try holding off on giving these to the kids until they start getting bored, it’ll keep them occupied longer.

Minimize stops

When you’re driving with kids, you want to minimize stops as much as possible. That being said, make sure to offer bathroom breaks when available. You can reduce your number of stops by fueling up before you go and packing multiple snacks. Packing snacks that you don’t usually give your kids will keep their interest longer, but be sure to monitor their sugar intake.

If your kids are more technologically inclined, portable video games systems and tablets can keep them entertained for hours. Otherwise, a portable DVD player is another great way to keep them occupied. Audiobooks and Kids CDs are also great ways to entertain your kids in the car, and may even put them to sleep in the process.

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Have any tips and tricks of your own for keeping kids occupied in the car during long tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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