Where can I watch the eclipse near Wakefield RI?

August 18th, 2017 by

How to watch the Eclipse on August 21st 2017 in South Kingstown 

The first total eclipse in the United States since 1918 is coming. Unfortunately, the path of totality will miss Rhode Island, but you can still see a partial eclipse. Here’s how to watch the eclipse on August 21st 2017 in South Kingstown. 

Marina Park

Watch the moon move between the sun and the Earth by the water. The beautiful waves will make the moment as you can watch 66% of the sun being covered by the moon. There are many walking paths along the water so you can walk next to the exquisite blue waters and underneath the mystifying partial eclipse.

Old Mountain Field

Open spaces are great to watch the sky and a partial eclipse is no excuse. Watch the once-in-a-lifetime event on the grassy Old Mountain Field. Pack a lunch as the eclipse passes from 1:28 PM to 4:01 PM. Enjoy the nature of this world as well as gaze at the moon cross between the Earth and the sun. Don’t forget to wear eye protection before looking at the eclipse, as you can suffer eye damage.

Eye Protection 

You will need some form of eye protection while looking at the eclipse. Sunglasses will not work, but you can use real eclipse viewing glasses as well as a level 14 welder’s mask. If you can’t get your hands on one of these before this Monday, check out these how-to sites to construct an eclipse viewer at Live Science and Time Magazine. Have fun this August 21st and be safe while watching the eclipse. 

Those are just some ways on how to watch the eclipse on August 21st 2017 in South Kingstown. If you need a vehicle to take you to any of these locations, check out our online inventory for available models and schedule a test drive with Speedcraft Volkswagen today!