Are there any ghost stories that take place in South County?

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Haunted Locations near Wakefield RI

Looking for to get scared this October? Are horror movies not what they used to be? Don’t worry, we have a list of haunted locations near Wakefield RI for you to learn about. Some people say they have seen ghosts or other paranormal activity at these locations. Is it too crazy to believe?

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Chestnut Hill Cemetery

According to legend, there was a family of vampires that lived near the cemetery. This family suffered many illnesses during the late 1800s. When one member of the family, Mercy Lena Brown, died, the townspeople were afraid that the dead vampires were cursing the family. They exhumed the family members’ bodies and found her body had not decayed. Legend has it the cemetery is haunted by spirits like theirs.

General Stanton Inn

It may seem like a little inn, but the General Stanton Inn is said to be haunted. Several visitors have said they have seen a man standing by the window on the second floor, only to see that he vanished from sight at a second glance. Something strange may be going on in this historic inn.

Belcourt Castle

In Newport, there is a castle that is not inhabited by ghosts, but one that does seem to be haunted all the same. This castle is said to have a set of armor that is possessed. Those who stand near it can hear the screams of the knight who wore it. There is also a statue of a monk whose spirit seems to be contained within the statue itself.

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These haunted locations near Wakefield RI are certainly spooky, but fun to learn about. If you are looking for a new vehicle, check out our online inventory and schedule a test drive with Speedcraft Volkswagen today.