Trust Speedcraft VW for your Easy-to-Keep Maintenance Schedule

April 8th, 2014 by

Easy-to-Keep Maintenance Schedule Providence RI

There isn’t a good time to have your car break down. Trust Speedcraft VW to solve problems before they ruin your day.

Okay, here’s a trick question: When is the best time to have maintenance performed on your car? The likely answer for most people, unfortunately, is usually, “When it breaks down.” Too many among us take this devil-may-care attitude toward vehicle maintenance, and the resulting fallout can be heightened vehicle costs, greater inconvenience, and raised risk for accidents and breakdowns. At Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, however, we recommend regularly scheduled service, and will even work with New England drivers to form an easy-to-keep maintenance schedule to keep their vehicles performing at a high level for many years to come.

The need to adhere to a predefined schedule when it comes to your vehicle is less difficult than it sounds. Depending on the age and previous history of your vehicle, a planned schedule is simple to create and extremely helpful as it relates to the long-term health of your vehicle.

The most effective format for planning vehicle maintenance for many drivers is to schedule fixes and inspections around their oil changes, because it serves as a fairly regular milestone for having your vehicle in front of a service professional. If you have your oil changed at every 5,000 miles (as is recommended in most newer vehicles), this will neatly fit into a regular maintenance visit, depending on a driver’s habits, of roughly every three months. As part of the Oil Maintenance Plan at Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, the included multi-point inspection will help to identify any problems that may be slowly arising in the life of your vehicle.

At Speedcraft VW, we work with you to set up a maintenance schedule that will keep your vehicle’s systems regularly updated.

Further inspections and procedures should be performed on a regular basis, and can be incorporated into any maintenance schedule that is drawn up at Speedcraft VW. For example, it is recommended that a battery cleaning and windshield wiper replacement are performed every six months, while more significant maintenance procedures such as a radiator flush, new spark plugs and fuel filter, and brake pad replacement should be performed yearly. Again, these can be easily added to any scheduled maintenance at Speedcraft VW.

The main goal of keeping a firm service schedule is to keep your vehicle performing properly for as long as possible, and at Speedcraft VW, we believe that early action and regular thorough inspections are the best way to achieve this. And, as the top-rated Volkswagen dealership in New England, or reputation speaks for itself. To learn more about scheduled maintenance, or to enroll in the Oil Maintenance Plan, contact the friendly staff at Speedcraft VW today.