How to identify suspension problems in your car

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Common suspension problems

The suspension in your Volkswagen knows how to take a beating. Day in and day out, the shock absorbers, springs, and other components in your suspension take the brunt of all of the bumps and potholes that you drive over. When you consider all the wear and tear that the suspension in your vehicle goes through of the years, it’s no wonder that drivers often run into these common suspension problems.

As problems with your suspension range on the more serious end of the spectrum when considering the health and drivability of your vehicle, it’s important that you’re able to identify problems with your suspension early on to avoid further damage.

Here are some of the most common problems you can experience with your vehicle’s suspension. It’s also worth noting that these problems arise over time, so it’s far more likely that you’ll experience them with your long-time vehicle or used vehicle than with a new Volkswagen model.

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Poor wheel alignment

Potholes and bumps can wear on your vehicle over time, and that wear can cause your wheels to get knocked out of alignment. Problems with alignment can cause your vehicle’s tires to wear unevenly and also affect your steering.

Shock absorbers

The shock absorbers in your vehicle keep you from feeling every single bump your vehicle passes over by keeping your wheels on the ground. When you’re experiencing problems with your vehicle’s shock absorbers, you’ll notice more bouncing after bumps and shaking while driving on rough roads.


Your vehicle’s springs hold all of its weight, so it’s no wonder that they can sag or break over time. An easy way to spot this problem is to check your vehicle when its parked on level ground. If you notice that your vehicle is lower in one of its corners, that’s a clear sign. Another symptom of problems with your vehicle’s springs is a clunking noise while driving over bumps or while turning.

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Ball joints

Ball joints are the pivot points that attach the suspension to your vehicle’s wheels. These parts absorb some of the shock from up-down movements and rotate with the steering wheel movement. You can tell that they need replacing or repair when you start to hear them squeak and creak while turning.

Control arms

As the hinges that hold the wheels to the frame and connect the steering to the wheels, the control arms are an integral part to your vehicle’s suspension. That’s why it’s important that you notice when the brushings wear out. Brushings are usually rubber and metal parts that absorb shock, so if you hear clunking or rattling and experience loose steering, you are probably having this problem.

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