Car Dealership Job Titles – What do they mean?

December 10th, 2022 by

Car Dealership Job Titles - What do they mean?

Car dealership jobs play an integral role in keeping the car industry running. From salesperson to technician, each position has its own set of responsibilities and tasks that make up the day-to-day operations. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive look at the different dealership job titles and duties found within the industry. Whether you’re looking to change careers or are shopping for a car, read on and learn about all the folks that fuel the car dealerships success!

Automotive Dealership Sales Department Jobs

Lot Attendant: A lot attendant is responsible for keeping the dealership’s lot clean and organized. They must be able to drive all types of cars and have a valid driver’s license.

Sales Associate: The car sales associate is responsible for greeting customers, answering their questions, and helping them find the perfect car for their needs. They must have a strong knowledge of the different types of cars available and be able to negotiate prices with customers.

Sales Manager: This manager in the sales department is responsible for overseeing the activities of sales associates and ensuring that customer service levels remain high. They must also be able to assess performance, handle customer compliments/complaints, and develop strategies to increase sales.

New & Used Car Manager: The new and used car manager is responsible for managing the inventory of vehicles on the lot, organizing sales events, and ensuring that all records concerning vehicles are up to date. They must also work with the sales manager to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Finance & Insurance (F&I) Manager: The F&I manager’s main responsibility is to provide customers with financing and insurance options related to their vehicle purchase. They must be knowledgeable about loan and finance laws, as well as the different types of available car insurance policies.

Business Development Center (BDC): The BDC is responsible for handling incoming and outgoing calls, scheduling appointments, and providing customer follow-up support. They must be proficient in customer service skills and possess good communication abilities.

Auto Repair Service Department Jobs

Service Porter: The service porter is responsible for greeting customers, organizing customer vehicles, and keeping the service area clean. They also help technicians by retrieving parts, tools and supplies as needed.

Service Advisor: The service advisor is responsible for providing customers with information about their vehicle, answering their questions and scheduling appointments. They must also be able to explain various repair procedures to customers and provide estimates on cost and time required for completion.

Service Technician: Service technicians are responsible for inspecting and repairing customer vehicles according to manufacturer specifications. A successful technician must be knowledgeable about vehicle systems operations, diagnostics, and repair techniques.

Auto Detailer: A detailer is responsible for cleaning and polishing cars inside and out. They must have a strong knowledge of the different products available and be able to use them effectively to clean and polish all types of cars.

Service Manager: The service manager oversees all departments in an auto repair shop. They are responsible for managing customer accounts, scheduling appointments, and dealing with any customer complaints or requests. They must also be knowledgeable about the latest technical procedures and products related to vehicle maintenance and repair.

Car Dealer Parts Department Jobs

Parts Counterperson: This position is responsible for helping customers find the correct parts needed for their vehicle, as well as providing pricing information and advice. The counterperson must also be able to explain the different part options available and provide helpful recommendations.

Parts Technician: The parts technician is responsible for retrieving requested parts for customers, completing repairs, and restocking shelves. They must also be able to maintain an organized inventory of parts and ensure the accuracy of orders.

Parts Manager: The parts manager is responsible for supervising the activities of other department employees, managing the inventory levels, and ensuring that customer concerns are addressed in a timely manner. They must also be able to develop strategies to promote merchandise and increase sales.

Auto Dealer Admin / Operations Jobs

General Manager: The general manager is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the car dealership. They must ensure that all staff are working efficiently, customer satisfaction levels are high, and sales goals are met. They must also have strong management skills to effectively manage staff and resources.  ​They are in charge of hiring and training staff, developing marketing strategies, and making sure all transactions are compliant with state regulations. General managers also analyze data and trends to determine what cars are selling well, so they can stock their lots accordingly.

Receptionist: The receptionist is responsible for greeting customers, answering phones, scheduling appointments, and responding to customer inquiries in a courteous manner. They must possess excellent communication skills and be able to multi-task efficiently.

Accounts Receivable Clerk: This position is responsible for invoicing customers and collecting payments promptly. They must have a strong knowledge of finance and accounting principles, as well as experience working with customer service and collections.

Accounts Payable Clerk: The accounts payable clerk is responsible for processing payments to vendors, suppliers, and other entities. They must be able to keep accurate records of all financial transactions, reconcile accounts, and provide reports when necessary.

Registration Clerk: The registration clerk is responsible for processing vehicle titles and registrations, as well as issuing license plates. They must be knowledgeable about state and federal regulations regarding vehicle titles and registrations.

Office Manager: The office manager is responsible for managing the clerical and administrative tasks of the dealership. They must be able to maintain accurate records, coordinate activities between departments, and ensure that all paperwork is processed promptly and accurately.

Bookkeeper/Accountant: The bookkeeper/accountant is responsible for handling all financial records pertaining to the dealership, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll. They must have a strong understanding of bookkeeping principles and be able to identify potential discrepancies in the financial records.

Car dealerships have a variety of job roles, each of which is important for the successful operation of the dealership. From receptionists and accountants to general managers and parts technicians, these roles help keep the dealership running smoothly. Understanding these roles and their responsibilities is helpful for anyone looking to work or shop at a new car dealership. ​​