Benefits of a coolant flush in your Volkswagen

September 17th, 2015 by

When you’re driving down the road in your Volkswagen, the last thing you want is your car’s engine to overheat. If it occurs while you are driving, it can be very dangerous to not only you, but other drivers as well. That’s where your coolant comes into play. The coolant liquid in your car is designed to maintain its internal temperature and keep it from overheating. As a car owner, there are benefits of a coolant flush in your Volkswagen, to ensure your vehicle is always in top shape.

If you’re weighing whether or not getting a coolant flush is necessary in your vehicle, here are a few benefits to having your Volkswagen’s radiator coolant flushed.

  1. Removes Contaminants – When you have your coolant flushed, contaminants left behind by the build-up of old anti-freeze that has lost its anti-corrosive properties are completely cleaned out of your vehicle’s radiator.
  2. Rust and Deposits – Rust and other deposits can also make their way into your Volkswagen’s radiator. By flushing the coolant, these are both wiped out. The flush removes old anti-freeze and other deposits and rust that, if left behind, could damage your vehicle’s entire cooling system.
  3. Prevents further rust and foam – By replacing the old coolant, the additives in the new coolant not only wash out old rust and foam build up, but it prevents further rusting.
  4. Extends lifespan of your water pump – the coolant you add to your Volkswagen vehicle feature additives that help lubricate the water pump in your vehicle, extending its lifespan.
  5. Inspects for cooling problems – Having your coolant flushed is a great opportunity to have your radiator’s cooling system looked at. This ensures that you know of any problems and can have them fixed quickly to avoid any further problems.

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Of course, there are more benefits to having a coolant flushed in your Volkswagen. For more information, feel free to consult our service department. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Coolant flush at Speedcraft Volkswagen

Coolant flushes are just one of the many services we provide here at Speedcraft Volkswagen. If you’re interested in having your coolant flushed, don’t hesitate to contact us. While you’re here, we’ll also be happy to take a look at the rest of your vehicle or perform another service to ensure that your car is always running in top shape.

To view more of our available services, or to learn about our excellent service staff, be sure to visit our service page. There, you can also schedule an appointment to have our expert staff take a look at your vehicle.

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