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2018 Volkswagen Jetta Engine Specs and Features 

2018 Volkswagen Jetta

This classic sedan is back for the new year. The 2018 Volkswagen Jetta has a lot of the features that drivers loved from last year’s model. We will be giving you an inside look to show you what kind of features this vehicle has to offer. Let’s get started by looking at the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta engine specs and features. 

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Performance Equipment 

To get from A to B, the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta is equipped with a 1.4-liter TSI® engine that delivers 150 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. This engine is what gives the Jetta its power and drivers can really feel it when they are behind the wheel. Now that you know a little more about the Volkswagen Jetta’s performance equipment, let’s take a look at the interior features of this model. 

Convenient Amenities 

The Volkswagen Jetta is packed with several features that help drivers have a better driving experience. Some of these features are built to entertain passengers, others for comfort, and others for safety. We will be going over several of these to give you an idea of what this vehicle has to offer. When it comes to seating, the Jetta has a 60/40-split folding rear seat and 6-way manually adjustable front seats for your convenience. You can also utilize the Jetta’s 5-inch touchscreen sound system with Bluetooth® audio streaming technology.  For easier parking and exiting, there is the rear view camera system for drivers to use as well.  

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After looking at the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta engine specs and features, you have a better idea of what this vehicle can do for you. If you would like to learn more about the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta or any of our other Volkswagen models, check out our online inventory and schedule a test drive with us today. 

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