Battle of the EVs: the e-Golf and the Leaf

March 15th, 2016 by

2016 Volkswagen e-Golf vs 2016 Nissan Leaf

With the industry becoming more and more environmentally conscious, the electric vehicle has seen a major rise in popularity. Not only do EVs offer the peace of mind of being far more environmentally friendly than their gasoline-powered counterparts, drivers are further rewarded with amazing savings. Always looking to help their customers get their money’s worth, Volkswagen has developed its own electric version of the popular Golf model. To see how this impressive model stands up against its competition, take a look at our 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf vs 2016 Nissan Leaf comparison.

By driving an electric vehicle like the 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf, drivers stand to save a whole lot of money. We’re talking more than just the amount you save in fuel savings. Without the gasoline-powered engine, EV drivers don’t have to spend so much on vehicle maintenance. EVs don’t need frequent servicing or oil changes, which can really add up over time. Another opportunity EV drivers have for savings is available state and federal rebates which can offer a hefty amount off the vehicle’s overall price.


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If you’re not yet convinced that the e-Golf is for you, take a look at our comparative chart below to see the kind of savings and performance you’d get by switching to it.

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Great savings and great performance

When you get behind the wheel of the Volkswagen e-Golf, you’re guaranteed great savings. Volkswagen has taken what drivers expect from EVs to a whole new level. Range has always been an issue with electric vehicles, though Volkswagen has put that issue to rest, offering an amazing 83 mile range, making it easy to fit all of your day’s driving in one charge.

Another bonus of the e-Golf is its more universally appealing styling. While the Leaf was eye-catching and interesting when it first arrived on the market, its age is beginning to show and fewer drivers are drawn to its bug-like styling. The e-Golf on the other hand offers a sporty, versatile exterior that’s not too flashy, which a wider variety of drivers can appreciate.

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Affordability is another draw of the e-Golf, which comes at a great price, especially compared to other EVs on the market. If you’re interested in getting behind the wheel of the 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf for yourself, you’re in luck! We currently have a variety of models available here at our dealership.

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Which do you prefer, the 2016 Volkswagen e-Golf or the 2016 Nissan Leaf? Let us know in the comments!