Volkswagen powerhouses duke it out in model comparison

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2016 Volkswagen Golf GTI vs Golf R

The Golf is known for being a great vehicle for both families and commuters alike. Thanks to its fuel efficient engine and spacious interior, it’s ready to take on whatever task is at hand. On top of being fuel efficient and driver and passenger-friendly, two members of the Golf family hold the title of Volkswagen’s powerhouses. We here at Speedcraft Volkswagen are interested to see how these vehicles fare against each other. That’s why we’ve compiled this 2016 Golf GTI vs Golf R comparison.

The Golf R and the GTI are the two most powerful members of the Golf family and offer impressive power that other hatchbacks can’t stand up to.

Both of these vehicles have a lot to give both in capability and in comfort. We’ve taken a closer look at what we think are important factors for drivers to consider when deciding between the two hatchbacks. To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled important specs for both models in the chart below.

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2016 Golf R

This year, if you find yourself behind the wheel of the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a hatchback that has more of what you’re looking for. At its heart runs a 2-liter, turbocharged engine capable of a power output not seen in a Volkswagen before. Behind the wheel, you’re in for a responsive, engaging drive with its six-speed manual transmission.

If you’re looking for the most power out of your vehicle, the Golf R is a great choice. While its fuel efficiency isn’t as high as the GTI, the 23 / 30 mph it does get is definitely impressive for the size engine that it sports.

2016 Golf GTI

While the 2016 Volkswagen Golf  GTI definitely offers an impressive amount of power, the truly remarkable part about it is its affordability. Whether we’re talking its ticket price or everyday spending on gas, the GTI is a powerhouse that you could find in anyone’s driveway.

Drivers looking for a money saver that’s going to be able to handle the road ahead will find that that the GTI is more than capable.

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