Fast, Sexy, Fun: The 2015 VW GTI

August 15th, 2014 by

2015 VW GTI Providence RI

If you regularly check this space for your latest Volkswagen news, you might have noticed that we at Speedcraft VW have a somewhat obvious obsession with the 2015 VW GTI. Certainly, with news coming down the pipeline such as the GTI’s inclusion in the Car & Driver “Top 30 under $30k” and “Best Cheap Speed” lists helping to galvanize our feelings, this loyalty is well justified. But what is it exactly that has given the 2015 VW GTI such a well-respected pedestal among its competition?

To begin with, the GTI is among the only cars anywhere that can credibly lay claim to being both fun and practical. Granted, you could probably put together a pretty fat stack of brochures of cars claiming just that, but for over 25 years, the GTI has offered hard evidence that the proof is in the pudding. Power that is simply not expected from a hatchback growls from under the hood of the GTI, courtesy of a 2.0-liter Turbocharged four-cylinder engine capable of a muscular 210 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque, which are gains of 10 hp and 51 lb-ft over the outgoing engine. And, by adding the available Performance package that adds another 10 hp, in addition to larger brakes and limited-slip differential in front. All of this, and the GTI still achieves up to 35 mpg on the highway according to EPA estimates.

Power, performance and high efficiency–The 2015 VW GTI is in a class all its own.

So what does all of this mean, in layman’s’ terms? In short, the 2015 VW GTI is unlike any hatchback ever, and this even includes the GTI models from years past. With agile handling and steering complemented by its extremely responsive suspension, the GTI is perfectly suited to maneuver the twists and turns of New England roads. (And, if we’re being honest, we would know.)

A result of this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it speed in the 2015 VW GTI is that its complete redesign might only get a thorough once-over at a stoplight, but there is much to enjoy. The GTI receives new headlights and taillights in the new edition, which combine with the more sloping hood design to give a more rear-sweeping look. Overall, the posture of the latest GTI is more athletic than ever before.

A look inside the GTI reveals a clear move toward functionality as well, with high-quality materials framing easy-to-use convenience features including a 5.8-inch touchscreen that consolidates media and navigation information into one helpful location. And, with a class-leading 52.7 cubic feet of storage space adding to the overall impression of the GTI’s accommodating interior cabin, up to five passengers will enjoy their thrilling ride in stylish comfort.

Have we got your attention yet? Likely so, but why take our word for it when you can test it for yourself? The 2015 VW GTI is now available at Speedcraft VW, living up to the lofty expectations that have long defined the model line.

So get in, and give the GTI a go. Let’s see what this baby can do.

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