WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Program Offers Providence-Area Drivers Like-New Quality

May 7th, 2014 by

WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen Providence RI

Spring and summer are understandably popular times to purchase new cars, and with avenues to ownership such as the College Graduate Program available at Speedcraft VW, the pull of a brand new vehicle is strong. But there’s a question we’re often asked at our Providence-area dealership: what about special consideration for those who aren’t in the market for a new car? For these valued car shoppers, Volkswagen has created the WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned program, which has fully changed the game for those looking for a pre-owned vehicle.

By any estimation–and with good reason–the biggest worry the buyer of a pre-owned car will have is going to stem from the lack of knowledge the buyer has regarding the vehicle’s history. This creates a sense of distrust, leading to buyer’s remorse and all sorts of dread-related feelings.

The 112-point quality inspection of all Certified Pre-Owned vehicles helps eliminate problems before they start.

The Volkswagen WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned program was designed to combat this uneasiness. Every vehicle to receive certification must be five model years old or younger with under 75,000 driving miles, just as a basic rule. Then, an eligible vehicle is subject to an exhaustive 112-point inspection, with testing taking place both on the lift and on the road. Any element that doesn’t fit VW’s exacting demands will be either fixed or replaced, ensuring that from front-to-back, inside-and-out, the vehicle is ready to go.

But that isn’t even close to all that comes with a WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen. Each vehicle also receives a CarFax Vehicle History Report, as well as a 2-year or 24,000-mile bumper-to-bumper limited warranty (whichever comes first), covering such systems as the engine, braking, and heating and A/C. Buyers also receive two years of 24-hour Roadside Assistance, as well as three complimentary months of SiriusXM radio for compatible vehicles.  Learn more about Volkswagen Certified WorldAuto Program.

Sound good? Of course it does. And at Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, we have many available WorldAuto Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and we’ll even help you with the financing. To learn more about this wonderful program and how it can help you into your next terrific Volkswagen, visit our dealership in Wakefield, RI, today.