VW’s new SUV Was Revealed

January 14th, 2015 by

At the Detroit Auto Show this week, Volkswagen announced that they will be launching an all-new SUV.

This week was the Detroit Auto Show where North America’s newest car models have historically first been revealed. And this year was no exception. The 2015 show this week was where VW’s New SUV Was Revealed. They are calling it the Volkswagen Cross Coupe GTE. Officially, it is still considered a concept car, but unofficially it has many of the elements that will make their way to production, eventually arriving at VW lots across the country.

The VW Cross Coupe GTE really takes Volkswagen’s SUV lineup in a new direction. The five-seat crossover has a hybrid gas/electric motor. The 3.6-liter V6 produces 276 horsepower easily, and the electric motors bring enough additional power to bring the total horsepower of the vehicle up to a thrilling 355. The Cross Coupe GTE is also believed to have a 20-mile, electric-only range. For daily short commuters, this is the kind of crossover that will really appeal to a great number of people.

The biggest point to make about this reveal, though, is that Volkswagen has indicated that the appearance and overall design of the Cross Coupe GTE will be dictating VW style for the next generation of vehicles. This Cross Coupe is likely to maintain many of the primary styling elements by the time it makes it to production, and the seven-seat SUV from VW that has yet to be revealed will also likely look like one of the family. More aggressive lines, modern slopes and more sweeping angles really work well to combine German practicality with contemporary, head-turning design.

The interior of the new Volkswagen Cross Coupe also departs from the traditional design efforts of recent years, too. VW opts for a far more simplified approach to user interaction with all of the car’s features. The knobs and buttons are nearly non-existent, and actual control of a variety of features becomes far more intuitive and based in common sense. It’s an interior design style based around technology, and it won’t require an instruction manual just to turn on the air conditioning.

We promise to keep you updated here with all of the changes coming down the pipe for the Volkswagen SUV family of utility vehicles.

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