We Want One: The VW XL Sport

October 6th, 2014 by

Volkswagen XL Sport

With models like the Jetta and Passat routinely placing among the most popular cars on the road, much of our attention is justifiably centered around Volkswagen’s long list of production vehicles. However, for a brand with 106 factories in 27 countries, many lesser-known curiosities also stir our interest at Speedcraft VW. This is the case with the just-unveiled Volkswagen XL Sport, an absolutely stunning vehicle that very few of us will ever actually see with our own eyes. Still, that doesn’t stop us from doing a little dreaming, does it?

The XL Sport received its debut at the recent 2014 Paris Motor Show, where the breathless anticipation could be felt all the way over here in Rhode Island. Volkswagen outfitted a vehicle that they have rightly described as a “firecracker” with a Ducati 1199cc Superlegerra V-Twin engine, which will offer 197 horsepower and a top speed of 168 mph. It is also the 200-millionth Volkswagen ever produced, which is a milestone in its own right.

The stylish interior of the VW XL Sport features red-stitched faux-suede seating.

The XL Sport is the racing-inspired sibling to the XL1, which made headlines last year when it was announced that an unprecedented 261 mpg were possible with it’s innovative powertrain and lightweight construction. While fuel-economy numbers haven’t been released for the XL Sport, it’s expected that it will still top 200 mpg, which is simply ridiculous.

Also noteworthy for the stylish two-seater is its eclectic interior design, which features red-stitched faux-suede seats, a wood-trimmed shifter, and a carbon-colored minimalist design for the dashboard. We suppose the moral of the story is, We really want one.

Unfortunately, we probably won’t get the chance. Volkswagen has announced that a mere 250 XL Sport models will see production, suggesting that only the industry’s elite will get their mitts on one. However, even at Speedcraft VW, we are allowed to daydream.

Of course, the same spirit of innovation that’s found in the XL Sport can be experienced in VW’s fine production models, many of which are now available for the 2015 model year. Stop by today and test drive one for yourself!

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