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April 30th, 2014 by

Tire Service in the Providence RI Area

Now that winter has (finally) become spring, most of us are paying more attention than usual to updating the elements of our life that are requiring attention. For most of us, this involves cleaning the yard and gutters, straightening the garage, things of this nature. However, our cars also require attention during the spring, and one automotive issue that can’t be ignored is the health of our tires. At Speedcraft VW, we believe that our team is uniquely suited to pair your vehicle with the correct tires for your vehicle, so check these three criteria to see if now is the best time to visit our dealership for your next tire service in the Providence area.

Check Your Tread Depth

Put simply, tread depth is the measurement between the top of the tire rubber and the deepest groove on the tire, and is measured in 32nds of an inch. Most tires are between 10/32” and 12/32” when they are new, and a tire is legally considered worn-out when it has 2/32” of an inch or less. A simple way to measure tire depth is using what’s called the “Penny Test,” which is precisely what it sounds like: take an upside-down penny, and insert it between your tire’s grooves. If Abraham Lincoln’s head is completely visible from the side, it means that you’ve dipped beneath 2/32” of tread depth, and you should get new tires.

If you can see all of President Lincoln’s head when the penny is inserted into the grooves, it’s time for new tires.

Check for Wear and Tear

There are several things to check on your tires that greatly increase the normal wear on your tires. These include items such as over- or under-inflation of tires, improper wheel alignment, damaged suspension, or feathering from improper toe setting, which refers to the direction that tires point at their home setting. These each are issues in themselves which can be addressed at Speedcraft VW, and can limit the lifespan of your tires.

Check your Tire Pressure

The easiest way to extend tire life is also the easiest to overlook. The additional wear from too much or too little tire pressure not only hurts your tires, it also affects gas mileage and your car’s maneuverability. Gas pressure can easily be checked using a manual tire-pressure gauge.

For all your Volkswagen tire needs, Speedcraft VW in Wakefield, RI, located near Providence, is the area’s one-stop VW tire resource. We frequently offer specials to help area citizens keep their vehicles running at their highest level at a fair price, and appointments can be made easily. To learn more or to schedule a service appointment, visit our homepage for Speedcraft VW today.

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