More VW Specials Than Ever on Our New Site

February 24th, 2015 by

With a new website comes new rewards, new deals, and more savings than ever before through

If you are a savvy car shopper, which you are or you wouldn’t be here reading this, then you are most likely looking for a real deal. Unlike those dealers who bury prices or make you give up your name and phone number before even telling you the best deal on the lot, we lay it all out for you. With our new website, we wanted to focus on transparency. We wanted to make specials a priority, and we wanted to make sure you knew when you were getting a good deal. There are More VW Specials Than Ever on Our New Site. So we thought we’d take a little time to highlight a few of the big ones.

Volkswagen has always been better than most when it comes to keeping new car prices low. And yet, here at Speedcraft, we take it a step further with our New Car Special Offers, which are updated regularly. As of this writing, we have nine brand new models showcased here with easy to scan information. You can quickly see the best lease deals, the lowest imaginable price of a particular model, view that model’s inventory to see exactly which colors and trim levels we have in stock, and you can request a little more info about that specific car. We wanted to make shopping for new cars as easy as possible.

We wanted to make shopping for our Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen models a breeze, too. So we rounded up all our pre-owned VWs onto a single web page for easier browsing. On this one page, you can view the Kelley Blue Book Price Advisor report for every single pre-owned VW on our lot. It complies the entire history of the vehicle, the most recent inspection report, and details why the car is valued at the given price. Moreover, we are dedicated to getting our pre-owned Volkswagen models back out onto the roads as soon as possible. So if one of our used models piques your interest, get an E-Price right from this page. You can finally shop online with confidence knowing that this price can’t be beat.

We also work closely with VW to keep national finance offers and lease options compiled in one central location. We want finding the best deal to be easy, and from time-to-time Volkswagen headquarters puts out absolutely unbelievable deals. The Current Incentives page from VW shows you some of the best deals in the country, and it’s a place where you can even read the fine print if you so choose. You can get a quote or ask a question about every model we carry, and beyond that you can also roll up your sleeves and research every feature of every model offered with an incentive.

Our Service Specials page is the sort of thing dreams are made of. If you have a coupon clipper in your family, send them here. They can shop for all the best deals from our top-notch Service Department, print the coupon directly from the same page, or even send the coupon to their phone via text or email. We said we wanted to make things easier on you, and we are really proud of this feature. You will also see that right now we have a coupon there for our Oil Maintenance Plan, which saves you over $300 on oil changes. You can read more about that unbelievable deal here.

Finally, we also know that starting out in life can be a daunting task. And while we put a lot of effort into making the car buying easier for everyone, we wanted to take a little pressure off recent and soon-to-be college graduates by making your first car payment for you. All of the details on our College Graduate Program are here.

It is our hope that by putting all of our specials, incentives, coupons, and savings programs together in one place that you can shop with confidence, knowing we are doing everything we can to get you the best deal possible. We will continue to update our specials pages regularly, so be sure to check back from time-to-time.