Maximize Your VW’s Potential by Joining the Oil Maintenance Program at Speedcraft

February 14th, 2014 by

Trust the pros at Speedcraft VW by enrolling in the Oil Maintenance Program.

VW Oil Change & Maintenance Program Providence RI

Like most of us, I grew up with a dad who insisted on changing his own oil. It was just what men did, he said, and someday I would change my own too. His stance changed, however, when my mom got a Passat in 2005. Not this time, he said; Dad was going to trust the pros with this one.

At Speedcraft VW, our team of Volkswagen-Certified Advisors and Technicians knows your VW inside and out, and when it’s time to get your oil changed, we encourage you to come to us, and to take advantage of our special VW Oil Maintenance Program in Providence RI.

It’s a fact – beyond any specific driving habit or service trend, getting your oil changed regularly and with the proper oil is the most crucial element in maximizing your engine’s potential, and no one is more qualified to help your VW to its best performance than our team of VW-Certified professionals. Regular oil changes allow your engine to stay clean, which reduces the overall wear and maximizes performance. Meanwhile, VW-approved oil remains stable at higher temperatures, while oil of a lesser quality begins to break down. The benefits will be felt all the way down to your checkbook, where your regular oil change will inevitably improve your VW’s fuel economy.

The benefits don’t end there, however. When you trust our service professionals by enrolling in the Oil Maintenance Program at Speedcraft VW, you are getting more than just an oil change. Over the life of your time in the Oil Maintenance Program, you will receive not just your five included oil changes, but also ten tire rotations, a wash and vacuum with every visit, and a free multi-point inspection on your vehicle. The oil change includes up to five quarts of our synthetic oil, and the whole Oil Maintenance Program costs a mere $199.99 (plus uncle sam’s share).

For further details on the VW Oil Maintenance Program in Providence RI, contact a member of our service team at Speedcraft VW. We consider ourselves partners in your VW ownership, striving to help you get the most out of your vehicle. Stop by Speedcraft VW, Rhode Island VW Dealership, today!