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August 21st, 2014 by

VW DriverGear Providence RI

As one of the most iconic brands in the history of documented time (competing with the likes of Coca-Cola, Nike and the Taco Bell chihuahua), Volkswagen is every bit as popular in pop culture circles as it is in automotive ones. The globally-recognized emblem, the presence of counter-culture icons such as the Bus and Beetle, its close association with the Autobahn–wherever you go, there goes Volkswagen also. But, if you are looking to get in on the VW swag action, where are you to turn? To the VW DriverGear section at our OEM Parts and Accessories eStore, of course!

An amazing variety of VW hats and clothes are now available at our eStore.

After all, as the name clearly suggests, the online store offers more than just VW parts (although it offers those in abundance as well). While replacement parts and all sorts of stylistic embellishments are available for all years of all Volkswagen models, when you simply want to look outstanding or broadcast to the world your VW love, our VW eStore has an astonishingly comprehensive inventory.

So what kind of items are we talking about? In the VW DriverGear listings, you can find an amazing list of hats and clothes for men, women and kids. There are hats for cold weather, hats for hipsters, and hats for golfers. There are VW onesies and sippy-cups for newborns, hoodies for toddlers, and even pajama pants for grade-schoolers. Women can find VW-emblazoned wellington-style rain boots or suede slippers, while men might prefer the numerous polo shirts and jackets.

Need a gift or stocking stuffer for a VW lover? Have some VW Salsa!

Not searching for clothes? Clicking on the “Lifestyle” tab reveals a collection of items ranging from essential to quirky to “who-woulda-thought?” Boxer-briefs, duffel bags, coffee mugs, shirts for your dog. (Yes, a shirt for your dog.) Wallets, keychains, all forms of gifts for VW lovers or stocking stuffers for people who you know to be stylish. Phone cases, sunglasses, jewelry. About the only thing we don’t have is an official Volkswagen branding iron. (Scratch that, we have one of those too.)

While it would be impossible to list all of the items here, you can easily find the full inventory of VW DriverGear items for yourself by visiting our VW OEM Parts and Accessories eStore. Believe us when we say, there truly is something for everyone. We’ll see you soon at Speedcraft VW, and visit our eStore today!

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