VW’s Crossover SUVs: The Tiguan and Touareg

November 21st, 2014 by

VW Crossover SUV Providence RI

A quick glance over our inventory at Speedcraft VW will reveal that two of our most popular vehicles, the Tiguan and the Touareg, are classified as “crossover SUVs.” For whatever reason, this term–”crossover SUV”–causes a fair bit of confusion for many shoppers. Does it mean half-car/half-truck? Does it mean anything at all?

As it turns out, it does mean something. Here, in a brief rundown, is what is meant by the term, “Crossover SUV.”

They use a unibody construction. The chief difference between a crossover SUV and a standard SUV is its construction. Where traditional SUVs used body-on-frame construction similar to that found in pickups, crossover SUVs use a unibody construction more akin to cars and vans. This makes it far lighter, which leads us to….

The 2015 VW Tiguan offer SUV capability in a more efficient package.

They are much more efficient. When traditional SUVs were having their moment in the sun, it wasn’t uncommon to see an automaker brag about making 15 mpg on the highway. It isn’t a coincidence that gas prices were also far lower, and people generally didn’t care about such things. When the recession hit, however, drivers realized that, Hey, maybe we should pay attention to things like fuel economy. The result? Vehicles such as the Tiguan and Touareg, which routinely register 26 and 29 highway mpg, respectively.

They are considered “On-Road” vehicles. Another takeaway from the recession was that, although body-on-frame SUVs were certainly capable of climbing small mountains and fording rivers, who was actually doing this? No one was. So automakers began to pay attention to the driving habits of the average person, which meant promoting sophisticated road performance and comfortable, accommodating interior cabins. They still boast towing capacities well-suited to pulling boats and trailers, but a fifth-wheel RV? Probably not.

For proof of how firmly this automotive renaissance has taken hold, you really need look no further than the VW Tiguan and VW Touareg, both of which are available at Speedcraft VW. Are then intended to ramp over sand dunes or pull out stumps? No, they are not. They’re intended to offer world-beating comfort and efficiency at a price that isn’t intimidating. And, might we add, they are very, very good at it. See you soon at Speedcraft VW!

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