Volkswagen’s Inductive Charging and Trained Parking

January 8th, 2015 by

Charging the e-Golf Electric Car just became effortless, and parking just became totally autonomous.

Volkswagen really wanted to make a splash at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. So they dove head first into the deep end, and we are all still soaked. We already told you about the announcement of MirrorLink and Apple’s CarPlay, and we showed you the new futuristic Golf R Touch Concept Car that lets you operate nearly every car control with the wave of your hand or flick of your finger. And now, they announced some big advancements in their electric car technology. Volkswagen’s Inductive Charging and Trained Parking are sure to shake up the industry.

Volkswagen Trained Parking

Volkswagen plans to advance autonomous parking by developing a series of systems that build upon the current semi-autonomous reverse parking features currently integrated in the e-Golf vehicles. These systems would allow the cars to learn from the repeated routes you take, such as the drive up your driveway and into your usual parking spot. A camera mounted behind the rearview mirror will recognize when you release control to the vehicle, and your regular parking maneuver will happen automatically.

While drivers will be required to stay in their cars while they are parking themselves, the goal is to have a system in place within the next few years where the car will stop by your door to let you out, then carry on to its parking space and automatically recharge itself. These features would likely allow you to monitor everything from a smartphone or tablet to ensure all is well.

The current e-Golf Electric car utilizes the Bosch 240V home charging system that lets you simply plug in your car at home and at work. It’s simple. And yet VW decided to make it even simpler to get customers ready for the inevitable future. So they developed a wireless inductive charging system which allows the e-Golf to locate and park itself over a charging plate in the floor. The implications of inductive charging are varied. It allows cars to eventually, precisely and autonomously park themselves. It opens up the possibility of taking your car to a parking structure with inductive charging, getting out where it is most convenient, and letting your car go charge itself while you work or shop. Being notified on your smartphone where the nearest available charging space is, is also just a couple years away.

You can view the entire Volkswagen Keynote Address from CES 2015 here.