Volkswagen is Adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

January 8th, 2015 by

Through their new MirrorLink infotainment system, VW plans to lead the pack with cutting-edge tech.

You might remember when Apple first announced Apple CarPlay last year. One of the headlines that came out of that announcement was that Volkswagen was one of the largest auto manufacturers not yet partnered with Apple. Well all of that changed this week at the International Computer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Volkswagen is Adding Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to their cars this year.

Volkswagen MirrorLink

The release of Carplay and Android Auto will coincide with the release of VW’s next generation infotainment system, which they are calling MirrorLink. This new system is about to take Volkswagen to the top of the touchscreen game. MirrorLink is on the same level as Jaguar’s new system, just to give you a better idea about how advanced and high-end it will be.

MirrorLink will add phone-mirroring protocols which will essentially turn your smartphone into a second, mirrored screen for the infotainment system. Adding apps, integrating Apple Carplay and Android Auto will all be simpler than on any other vehicle out there. It looks like it was very much worth the wait. Apps from Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, and Apple will be supported, but initially MirrorLink will work with Think Blue, My Guide, Trainer, Shared Audio, and Sound Journey applications. More third party apps will be released after the initial launch.

Volkswagen Apple CarPlay Release Date

The release date for MirrorLink and CarPlay is still up in the air. However, Volkswagen did state that the launch would take place this year. Costs for adding Carplay or Android Auto were also not yet announced, but will likely be in line with the current prices set by other manufacturers. It appears 2015 is the year of technology for VW.

You can view the entire Volkswagen Keynote Address from CES 2015 here.

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