The Volkswagen Beetle Has Come a Long Way

March 26th, 2015 by

The VW Beetle in Rhode Island

It’s safe to say that the Volkswagen Beetle is still one of the most universally recognizable cars ever built. Its historical significance in pop culture, modern American society, the sexual revolution, and the 60s and 70s counterculture cannot be understated. The VW Beetle in Rhode Island is still a big piece of Americana, and it’s still treasured by so many. The Volkswagen Beetle Has Come a Long Way since it was first introduced, and a few recent videos make that more evident than ever.

The National Geographic channel produced a half hour documentary on the history and evolution of the Volkswagen Beetle. It is pretty incredible, and filled with historic interviews and footage that really help to place this piece of nostalgia in a cultural context. It is 30 minutes well spent for anyone who loves the bug.

Coincidentally, this week VW also released a pretty epic video showing the 2015 VW Beetle in all its modern glory.

We currently have several Beetle configurations in stock here in Rhode Island. They are as affordable as they have ever been. We even set up a virtual showroom right here on our website to let you see all of the options and features of the new 2015 Beetle.

If you’ve never driven a bug, they are absurdly fun with tons of personality. They still turn more heads than any other VW model. Feel free to schedule a test drive for a time that is most convenient for you. And, as always, feel free to pop in whenever you’re in the neighborhood! Also, be sure to check out the latest VW Incentives for the Beetle and the Beetle Convertible. Driving the car of your dreams is more possible than you probably realized.