Live Long and Prosper: Tips to Extend Engine Life

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Tips to Extend Engine Life

Without playing favorites, one of our favorite events within the ranks at the Speedcraft Volkawagen Service Department has to be when an older VW model comes in, still running like a champ after 200,000 or 250,000 models. (Note: Another favorite? When customers bring in a VW Thing.) But despite the regularity of seeing well-travelled VW vehicles, this sort of lifespan doesn’t happen by accident. There are a number of ways to help extend engine life in your vehicle, and we at Speedcraft VW are far too generous to keep them to ourselves.

Tip #1: Break her in easy. We understand the temptation, but believe us when we tell you that vehicles require a little stretching before they endure top performance. For the first thousand or so miles, essential engine parts such as piston rings are still working themselves into shape. In those early driving sessions, give your VW a good runabout at various speeds and RPM levels to help work out any growing pains.

Tip #2: Warm your car up when its cold. It happens to every one of us, where you’re late for work or a dinner reservation and just want to get in and go. However, even five minutes of idling will help boost oil viscosity and allow gasoline to burn more effectively. A few extra minute in extreme cold will add untold miles further down the road.

How many miles do you suppose this Beetle can handle? 150,000? 200,000? More?!

Tip #3: Drive the speed limit. We aren’t fun-hating, we promise. After all, we have “speed” right there in the name of our dealership. But regular high-speed driving makes pistons and engine parts work overtime, and puts undue stress on all parts of your vehicle. Avoid the lead foot whenever possible, for the sake of your engine.

Tip #4: Eliminate excess weight. You’d be shocked how frequently we see vehicles that are weighed down by an old weight set for no good reason whatsoever. Excess cargo, old boxes, sandbags left over from the winter–it all puts more work on your engine, work that it doesn’t need. Put those old weights in the shed, for Pete’s sake.

Tip #5: Make a maintenance schedule. A no-brainer, right? With regular scheduled maintenance to replenish necessary fluids and analyze often-overlooked mechanical systems, your vehicle will get the most out of every available mile.  Our service department will happily assist with the creation of a maintenance schedule, which will add extra years and boosted confidence in your VW vehicle.

Take advantage of Speedcraft Volkswagen’s Oil Change Program.

Sounds easy enough, right? For any additional information regarding engine life, or to simply schedule a visit with our friendly service staff, feel free to pay a visit to Speedcraft VW, located a short drive from Providence and Newport!


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