The VW Golf R Touch Concept Car

January 8th, 2015 by

The VW Golf R Touch is like something out of a science fiction movie, packed full of cutting-edge technology.

There are a few technology advancements made each year that make us realize we really are living in the future. It seems the engineers at Volkswagen became inspired while re-watching that Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, because it seems as though the new VW Golf R Touch Concept Car that was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show this week is straight out of that futuristic film.

The VW Golf R Touch Concept Car has three big touchscreens, and is void of any tangible buttons or knobs aside from those controls that are imbedded in the steering wheel. But it’s not simply a trio of touchscreens. Drivers and passengers can operate the controls without touching anything, and without saying anything. A simply swipe or gesture is recognized, with the goal being that it won’t require a lesson to use. The system is built to be as intuitive as possible.

Golf R Touch Concept Car

Volkswagen stated that this concept car was the ultimate technological challenge. It was an attempt to integrate unbelievably complex technology with as many functions as possible, while nearly eliminating driver distractions by making it the easiest to use, most personalized system. All of the controls are sensor-based, or operate via the touchscreen.

The speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and other vehicle information is all integrated into a 12.3 inch Active Information Display. All the standard car instruments are represented digitally. The main high-res infotainment screen is nearly 13 inches, and the screen that operates media settings and climate control is 8 inches.

It’s not magic, though. Along with the proximity sensors are a series of small interor cameras mounted within the vehicle that pick up hand movement. The idea of waving your hand or simply gesturing to interact with applications, media, and climate control really brings these interfaces into a whole new third dimension. For instance, simply raise your arm, and you can control the Golf’s moonroof without touching a thing, and without having to take your eyes off the road.

While the R Touch Concept isn’t here, yet, we do have the VW Golf in stock. It is the Car of the Year for very good reason. Come see why! As always, all of us here at Speedcraft VW are more than happy to answer any question you might have.

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