Time for an Oil Change? Here’s How to Know for Sure

April 2nd, 2014 by

Signs You Need an Oil Change Providence RI

Regular oil changes ensure that your vehicle runs properly and helps to eliminate future service costs.

At risk of sounding overly dramatic, your vehicle’s oil can be pretty easily compared to the blood in your body. Both ensure that everything runs smoothly in their respective “bodies,” and the introduction of foreign elements in either can greatly limit the efficiency of their performance.

At Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, we go to great lengths to ensure that area vehicles run as efficiently as possible, and much of that efficiency is the direct result of maintaining an oil change schedule; to that end, we even have an Oil Maintenance Plan, which helps residents of the Providence area stay up-to-date with the health of their vehicle. But what are the visible signs you need an oil change?

First, the most obvious: when you check your oil dipstick, if the oil level is on the lower end of the low-to-full spectrum, obviously it means–duh–your engine is low on oil. But it doesn’t mean you can merely toss a quart in the tank and continue on your merry way. The reason you are showing a low amount of oil frequently indicates that the oil is losing its effectiveness, and is thus being used more quickly.

When checking your oil, also try to get a look at the consistency of the oil. When you add oil, the color looks roughly about as dark as beer. After it’s been in the engine for a few weeks, it will turn black. But once you start to see little particles in the black oil, you are seeing contamination, and it’s time to change your oil.

Performance-wise, your engine will also let you know when it’s time to head to Speedcraft VW to get an oil change. It may be running louder than usual, the result of reduced lubrication from your motor oil. You may also see “Check Engine” lights, or oil indicators in newer cars.

Dirty motor oil can cause engine parts to rub and grind, which can cause long-term damage.

To make the oil-change process as simple as possible, Speedcraft VW now features the Oil Maintenance Plan, which helps keep your maintenance costs down and your vehicle on the road by providing it with regular oil maintenance. For just $199, enrollees receive five full synthetic oil changes, ten tire rotations, a multi-point safety inspection with each visit, and a hand wash and vac with each visit. Without even considering all the extra fixes you’ll be avoiding by regularly having your Volkswagen serviced, those who join the Oil Maintenance Plan also save $300 off the regular price of the provided services.

There isn’t a more vital service–or a more simple one, for that matter–that your Volkswagen needs than a regular oil change. To schedule your oil change today, or to learn more about the Oil Maintenance Plan, call or visit Speedcraft VW in the Providence area, the top-rated Volkswagen dealership in New England.