Rhode Island Pothole Problems

March 11th, 2015 by

Rhode Island Potholes are wreaking havoc around the state. Avoidance Tips and Easy pothole Inspections.

It’s that time of year again. As the snow and ice recede after another brutal winter (we hope the worst is behind us), we see the damage that months of freezing, thawing, and plowing have done to our Rhode Island roads. We don’t have Spring here, we have Pothole Season. And it’s wicked this year. Rhode Island Pothole Problems have been especially brutal to cars throughout the state. We encourage all drivers to read our Pothole Avoidance Tips, and to bring their car in for a quick Pothole Inspection if it’s been jostled a bit too much this season.

Pothole Avoidance Tips

You’re not going to be able to stop mother nature from wreaking havoc on Rhode Island roads in winter, leaving us with so many dips, divots and holes that they become impossible to safely dodge. But we have a few Pothole Avoidance Tips, so you stand your best chance against, and your car can get through this season in one piece.

Tire Pressure – Make sure your tires are properly inflated this time of year. The right amount of tire pressure is crucial to having a good buffer between your rim and the broken pavement. Not too firm or too soft.

Leave Room – Tailgating is a primary reason why you didn’t see that big pothole coming. You will spot the big ones before its too late if you just leave a reasonable amount of room between yourself and the car in front of you.

Steer Clear of Puddles – Rhode Islanders know that often those tiny little puddles are potholes in disguise. This time of year, there’s no telling how deep a little bit of water really is. If possible, avoid them if you can, or proceed through them with greater caution.

Rhode Island Pothole Inspection

Rhode Island Potholes are no laughing matter. We might be the smallest state, but we unquestionably have the biggest divots in our roads. When you hit ‘the big one’ you know it. You wait for your tires to deflate, or your car to start pulling to one side, or any number of other symptoms that let you know your car is hurting. If you hit the big one, or just too many to count, you need some peace of mind and assurance that your car is ok. We recommend you stop in for a quick Pothole Inspection. In Rhode Island especially, it’s important to stay ahead of the small problems before they balloon into something catastrophic.

A Pothole Inspection is quick and easy. We will get you in and out as quickly as possible. We quickly check the following:

– Tire puncture or damage
– Wheel rim damage
– Premature wear on shocks and struts
– Suspension damage
– Steering system misalignment
– Exhaust system damage
– Engine damage

NOTE: If your car was damaged by a pothole in Rhode Island, and your vehicle is registered in Rhode Island, you are probably eligible for reimbursement of up to $300. You can learn more about being reimbursed for pothole damage here.