Fix Problems Before They Start by Scheduling Your Maintenance at Speedcraft VW

March 7th, 2014 by

Regular Scheduled VW Maintenance & Service Providence RI

By keeping a regular service schedule, you eliminate problems down the road.

It’s a well-documented fact that procrastination is among the worst habits a person can have: it can lead to poor credit, poor grades, and increased stress, among literally thousands of other negative effects. But how can procrastination affect your life as a driver? There are many reasons we recommend regular scheduled maintenance at Speedcraft VW in the Providence area, and all of them serve to benefit you, our valued customers.

First of all, consider taking your car in for regular scheduled service similar to going in for a teeth cleaning or a regular check-up at the doctor. By seeing a specialist early and often–whether a mechanic, a dentist, or a general practitioner–you are more likely to catch a problem in its infancy, before you are looking at a more costly fix down the road. Remember, many problems with our vehicles may not have obvious symptoms, and by scheduling regular maintenance, these problems can be caught before they affect the performance of your entire vehicle.

The most glaring benefit of regular vehicle maintenance will be felt in your pocketbook. The fuel economy of your vehicle is dependent on a multitude of factors, including tire pressure, cleanliness of air filters, and well-maintained fuel lines. Regular checkups on your vehicle allow these relatively simple problems to be easily diagnosed, and can improve your overall fuel economy by as much as 15-20%. Within a few weeks, any service will have effectively paid for itself.

Our talented service staff knows your Volkswagen inside and out.

This preemptive offensive against vehicle damage also has a trickle-down effect. By keeping a regular service schedule, you eliminate many of the problems that will eventually drive down the resale value of your car when you decide it’s time for a change. If you are trading in a vehicle that has a laundry list of problems, that will be directly reflected in what you eventually receive. However, a well-maintained vehicle will be rewarded with a high resale value.

Speedcraft VW, located in the Providence, RI, area, takes vehicle maintenance extremely seriously, and when a Volkswagen is brought in to our service department, we can tell pretty quickly how seriously the driver does as well. To that end, we have a variety of service programs and specials to help diagnose issues as they arise.

With our Oil Change & Maintenance Program, now available for a mere $199, drivers will receive five oil changes, ten tire rotations, and a full safety inspection and wash/vac with each visit. This will save untold dollars in future repairs, while also saving drivers over $300 over the life of the program. We also offer No-Charge Carefree Maintenance with the purchase of any 2014 Volkswagen through 2 years or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. For further details on these or any other maintenance procedures and specials, contact our team at Speedcraft VW.

The maintenance of your vehicle is something that simply can’t be put off without facing serious consequences. For all your service needs in the Providence, RI, area, contact the service department at Speedcraft VW, the best-reviewed Volkswagen dealer in New England.