Clean or Replace Intake Valves at Speedcraft VW to Get the Most out of your Vehicle

March 5th, 2014 by

Clean or Replace Intake Valves Providence RI

Sometimes the difference between poor and peak performance is the result of intake valve build-ups.

Oftentimes, members of the auto community will discuss “maximizing performance.” It has become something of a buzzword, a vague subject that is so broad and all-encompassing that it almost loses its meaning. However, at Speedcraft VW in the Providence area, maximizing performance is far from meaningless. The vehicles we sell and service are capable of great things, but only if they are given the opportunity to do so, and one way to give your Volkswagen peak performance capability is by cleaning or replacement of intake valves.

The problem is probably one you may have encountered before on your own car: you are sluggish off the line and idling poorly. It feels as though something is misfiring, yet you may not even see the dreaded Volkswagen “Check Engine” light. Very likely, you could simply have dirty intake valves.

The way that Volkswagen intake valves work, basically, is that they keep the intake port sealed during combustion so that the engine runs at top efficiency. Sometimes, however, carbon produced during combustion can build up on the valves, interrupting the fuel injection process. Over time, these deposits will disrupt the fuel injection process, resulting in the problems mentioned above.

The way that these carbon buildups will negatively affect your vehicle’s performance take two interrelated forms. First, the carefully-measured fuel that your engine needs to be timed properly is blocked and absorbed by the carbon built up in the intake valves, so when you hit the gas pedal, the fuel meant to be combusted in the engine isn’t delivered properly. So, when it feels like you aren’t getting any response when you punch the gas, this could very well be the culprit.

Deposits on intake valves affect fuel injection and efficiency.

The second way that your Volkswagen’s performance will be negatively affected is in its fuel economy, and this is also a result of the carbon deposits on the intake valves. As was stated before, fuel that passes over the intake valves gets absorbed by the carbon. Anyone who has ever used lighter fluid with a charcoal grill has seen this absorption in action. Much like you continue wasting fuel when the briquettes absorb the lighter fluid, your vehicle will similarly waste fuel when it is absorbed by the carbon build-ups on your intake valves.

The cleaning or replacement of your intake valves is an easy but absolutely necessary fix for your vehicle, and one our professional service team at Speedcraft VW in Wakefield, RI, is qualified to perform. If you are experiencing any of the common problems associated with carbon build-up, please contact our Service Department, where you can take advantage of our frequent specials and outstanding reputation for professional and courteous service.

Your Volkswagen deserves to deliver optimum performance, and we can help make that a reality.