Tired of Playing Games? Get Full-Transparency Pricing at Speedcraft VW

May 15th, 2014 by
With our Full-Transparency Pricing, Speedcraft VW spares customers from the typical dealership nonsense.

Full-Transparency Pricing Providence RI

It can be a little disconcerting, the first time you enter a car dealership with the intent to buy. You’ve seen all the billboards and heard the radio ads, each of which trumpets a deal that makes you wonder how it is that every car on the road isn’t “$99-down/$99-a-month Vehicle ‘A.’” Why would anyone even consider buying any other car when such a terrific deal exists?

At Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, we’ve most certainly seen the billboards and advertisements, each of which comes with enough caveats and fine print to make the typical tax auditor go blind. So, to combat what is clearly a growing problem in the auto industry, we’re offering an alternative: full-transparency pricing at Speedcraft VW.

Would you trust anything this person told you? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

So what does full transparency mean? In short, this means that when you enter Speedcraft VW near Providence, RI, with checkbook in hand, looking for a new Jetta or Passat, we’ll keep your head from spinning by telling you the exact cost of what you’re buying. No surprises, no gimmicks, and absolutely doubt about whether or not your prospective Volkswagen will fit within your budget.

In offering total transparency to our customers in Wakefield, Providence and the surrounding areas, we will offer, in plain black and white, the cost of a new vehicle when considering the prices of taxes and fees. We will also include these costs in the monthly payment schedule so that, when you purchase a vehicle from Speedcraft VW, you leave armed with the knowledge that you have received considerate and responsible assistance from New England’s most well-respected Volkswagen dealer. Buyer’s remorse? Not at Speedcraft.

To celebrate our move to full-transparency pricing, we are featuring specials on several of our most popular models, running from now until the end of May. Shoppers will immediately notice two listed prices, one with an asterisk and one without. This move away from an asterisk-heavy business model is at the heart of our mission at Speedcraft VW near Providence, where we proudly sell and service some of the world’s finest vehicles. And although these specials run only through the end of the month, the fully-transparent pricing will absolutely continue.

We look forward to seeing you at Speedcraft VW for your next–and proudly fully-transparent–Volkswagen purchase!


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