Don’t Panic! Four Simple Car Shopping Tips

September 16th, 2014 by

Four Car Shopping Tips

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge. You’ve had a good run with your car, but you aren’t the recent college grad or single adult you were when you bought it, and your needs have changed. At Speedcraft VW, we’re pretty well-versed in accommodating these lifestyle shifts, and maintain a variety of services to cater specifically to these changes. But what do you need to know prior to your vehicle purchase? Here are four car shopping tips to consider prior to your visit; we hope to see you soon!

1) Get an Idea What You Have. Are you considering your present vehicle as a trade? Sometimes, your current vehicle can act as your whole down payment, which greatly cuts into the financial burden you’ll be taking on with your new vehicle. Using our handy “Value Your Trade” tool, you can get an AutoTrader-estimated value before you ever leave your house. You can also apply for financing, and get an idea what sort of rates you can expect to receive once you arrive at Speedcraft VW.

Information on many vehicles, including the popular VW Jetta Sportwagen, can be found on our website.

2) Look for Rebates and Incentives. This is frequently one of those “How will you know if you don’t ask” situations. Most dealerships feature special financing for first-time buyers, recent college graduates and the like. Speedcraft VW, of course, is no different. We feature regular factory incentives and new car specials, in addition to our popular College Grad Program. Contact our dealership for details!

3) Do your Homework Online. As many buyers become more and more tech savvy, an increasing amount of the early research can now be done online. Brochures and vehicle information are generally available on a dealership’s website. For example, looking for info regarding the new 2015 GTI or Golf? You can now find a wealth of information easily online at our website, eliminating much of the stress and headache associated with vehicle research.

4) Calculate your Fuel Savings. Although we all are cognizant of fuel economy ratings, we seldom consider the tangible benefits of an extremely efficient car. For example, say you’re trading a car that gets 25 mpg for the new Passat TDI, which regularly achieves 40 mpg on the highway, and your driving habits will remain the same. If you drive 12,000 miles per year, you might reasonably expect to consume as much as 200 gallons fewer per year, which translates to nearly $1,000. These are savings you’ll notice.

So, are you ready to think about the many options available to you at Speedcraft VW? Then pay us a visit in the Providence RI area, and we’d be happy to answer any and all questions that might arise. See you soon at Speedcraft VW!