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February 25th, 2015 by

Pre-approved financing, trade value, finance applications, and calculating payments and fuel savings can all be done quickly and safely from our site.

It’s easy to find the car of your dreams. Every day we walk people through our inventory and watch their eyes light up when they see ‘the one.’ Without question, it’s our favorite part of this job. Our least favorite part, and the least favorite part of the car-buying process for everyone else, is the paperwork. Finance can be an anxiety-riddled headache at its worst, and at it’s best it’s a seemingly endless trail of paperwork. We decided to do something about it. When we redesigned our website, we put a lot of emphasis on taking care of as much of the paperwork upfront as possible. Financial Services With Real-Time Answers was our goal.

We want you to know when you use our site for any financial services, that your information will be protected to the utmost degree. Especially when it comes to our Auto Finance Pre-Approval form. It’s simple and straightforward, and it does not require your Social Security Number or Date of Birth, nor does it show up as a hard credit inquiry on your credit report. It’s simply a tool that is designed to help you figure out where you stand, even before you pop in for a test drive. We’ve even made it so that you can receive an instant APR. The days of waiting, and putting your private information on paper have come and gone. There’s a better way.

When you’re ready, you are also more than welcome to use our online form to complete the full finance application. Your current credit situation isn’t anything to worry about. Our specialists are well versed in helping you find a way to keep moving. But this application is very much the first step in getting you behind the wheel. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, we went to the extreme by protecting this form with a 256-bit secure encryption. Your information is as safe as humanly possible. You can use our site with some real peace of mind.

A few features we are also really proud of are the Fuel Savings Calculator, the Monthly Payment Calculator, and the Trade In Calculator. We tried to consolidate all the tools you usually have to go elsewhere for. The Fuel Savings Calculator lets you see exactly how much money you’ll save each year with a new Volkswagen, the Monthly Payment Calculator will help you see exactly which new VW you can afford, and the Trade In Calculator uses a integrated tool to let you know exactly how much your old vehicle is worth.

With these tools, and these simplified forms, we think this part of the shopping process got a lot easier, and a little bit fun. It isn’t easy to make finance fun for a lot of people. But we did our best. We hope you’ll make use of what we’ve put together for you. Of course, if you ever have any finance questions, let us know. We are happy to clear anything up, or help you get back on track.

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