Blow, Ye Winds! Drive Safely in Windy Weather!

November 7th, 2014 by

Drive Safely in Windy Weather

Man, doesn’t summer already seem like it was so long ago? We’re already dipping our toes in weather patterns that suggest that snow tires might not be far behind and that the air is shifting from “crisp” to “frigid,” and outright bad weather might not be far behind. Of course, bad weather makes for tricky driving, and one of the most unpleasant weather situations is when it’s really windy. So, how do you drive safely in windy weather? Here are four tried-and-true tips, from your old pals at Speedcraft VW.

Tip #1) Don’t Speed. We know, big words coming from a dealership called Speedcraft. But we mean this: when it’s extremely windy out, you already will have a difficult time reacting to changes in traffic and the like. Factor in extreme speed, and you’re asking for trouble.

This is an artist’s approximation of what the wind looks like.

Tip #2) Don’t Follow Closely Behind Trailers. Really, it’s best practice not to follow closely behind any vehicle, ever. But when it’s windy, some people try to tuck in behind Semi trailers, thinking that the massive vehicles can block the wind. Never, ever do this. It’s dangerous. Also, don’t follow behind boats, or anything else on trailers.

Tip #3) Minimize Your Distractions. Remember the old adage: Hands at ten-and-two. Don’t check your phone, don’t fiddle with the radio, don’t apply chapstick, don’t “Wave ‘Em Like You Just Don’t Care” even when the radio tells you to throw your hands in the air. Pay attention to task at hand, and keep your hands on the wheel.

Tip #4) Consider Driving Your Most Aerodynamic Vehicle. Lots of drivers associate any sort of poor weather with driving an SUV, but in windy weather, it might be best to drive a more aerodynamic vehicle. While SUVs are more powerful, they are also typically more boxy and are affected more by high winds. So if you’ve got an aerodynamic car, drive ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.

We hope that these tips will help to keep you and your vehicle safe when the winds start flaring up! However, we understand that accidents do sometimes happen, so if they do, we encourage you to visit our service department at Speedcraft VW. Drive safely out there!


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