Attention to Common Brake System Issues Necessary for Safe Driving

March 11th, 2014 by

Brake System Repair Providence RI

Problems in a vehicle’s brake system should never be ignored.

When assessing their vehicle’s performance, drivers frequently overlook the care and condition of their brake systems. And while it may seem to be an easy oversight, few maintenance issues come with a higher degree of risk-vs.-reward than gambling with your Volkswagen’s brakes. Properly keeping your brakes calibrated and in solid working condition will not only save you money on repairs in the future, but–and this should be pretty obvious–will keep you out of possible accidents. Our team of courteous service technicians at Speedcraft VW is certified for brake system repair in the Providence area, so use these tips to see if you need to make an appointment with us to service your brakes in the near future.

Use Your Eyes and Ears. To visually check the wear on your brake pads, look between the spokes on your wheels. You will find a brake pad pressed against a metal rotor, and if there is less than ¼-inch of brake pad, you may need to have your VW brake pads replaced. Also, pay attention for the squeaking noise made by your indicator in your brake system; this noise is meant to warn a driver that their brake pads are wearing thin. Finally, if you hear a grinding noise, you may have worn down the brake pads completely, which may result in the need for replaced rotors in addition to brake pads.

Lack of Responsiveness from your Brake Pedal. If you push on the brake pedal, and it either doesn’t respond or requires you to push the brake harder than is normally necessary, you may be facing an air or fluid leak in your braking system. Also, check the area where a vehicle is parked for possible brake fluid leaks.

Attention to your brake system’s condition will make driving on all roads in all conditions a breeze.

Pulling and Vibrating. If your vehicle pulls in one direction when you brake, your brakes may not be wearing evenly, or there may be an obstruction in the brake fluid. Meanwhile, if you feel a vibration when you are braking, you may have warped rotors, malfunctioning calipers, or worn pads or shoes. All of these can result in increased friction. This causes the vibration, and leads to hazardous driving conditions.

If you have experienced any of these problems, contact our team at the Service Department at Speedcraft VW in the Providence area. As the top-rated Volkswagen service provider in New England, we proudly offer thorough and professional brake service to get Rhode Island drivers back on the road in a timely fashion.