Solving Winter Travel Problems with Speedcraft VW!

November 23rd, 2014 by

Beat the Winter Weather

Now that winter is fully upon us, there are going to be some travel issues. Obviously, we can’t stop the snow or wish away the ice, but we can try to outsmart it with our wits. Here, from your friends at Speedcraft VW, are five easy ways to beat the winter weather. You can thank us later.

When you are stuck in a snowdrift, don’t use sand or cardboard. Try using regular kitty litter, which is more granular and easier for your tires to catch hold of. An added bonus: it smells terrific.

Kitty litter. It’s a life-saver, in more ways than one.

When you are facing frozen windshield wipers and iced-over mirrors, try this: lift the wipers off of the windshield, and cover them with regular socks. Yes, it looks ridiculous. It also works. As for your mirrors, put ziploc bags over them, and you’ll never face iced-over mirrors again.

If you are shoveling sticky snow, and it seems like you can’t get it off of your shovel, take some cooking spray and apply it to your shovel. It will fly off of the shovel quicker than you realize, and it’s actually makes shoveling sort of fun. (Sort of.)

If you’re slipping and sliding all over the ice and snow, try this: take some small screws, and twist them into the bottoms of your boots. Pretty quickly, you won’t be going anywhere you don’t want to go. However, remember to take them off before you go in the house. Trust us, they will do a number on your hardwood floors.

And finally, if you live in an area where you have to park outside overnight, try to park your car facing east. This way, when the sun comes up, it will melt the ice and frost before you have to leave for work. Problem solved!

There are numerous ways to beat the winter at its own game, even without spending any money. We hope that these help you in the coming months; come let us know your own weather-beating tips today at Speedcraft VW!

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