D’oh! A Deer!

September 22nd, 2014 by

How to Avoid Hitting a Deer

You’re driving down the road, minding your own business. You take a second to adjust the radio, settling for the station that plays entirely too much John Mellencamp. Next thing you know…boom. A deer has sauntered into the roadway, interrupting your stress-free cruise while causing no small amount of damage to your Volkswagen. While hitting a deer is often unavoidable, there are certain factors to consider that might make these incidents less frequent. So, from your buddies at Speedcraft VW, here are a few tips to help avoid hitting a deer.

Tip #1: Think like a deer. When we run into a deer, our thoughts are generally all the same: “That stupid %@#&ing deer.” However, a deer relies on instinct, and certain variables frequently lead it into a losing collision course with your car. It generally is on the move most often during mating season–from September to December–at the hours near sunrise and sunset. They also prefer areas with edible foliage, ample places for shelter, and ponds and creeks to drink from. If you’re driving in one of these areas, look out.

This is probably the last photo this deer ever took.

Tip #2: Keep your eyes moving. If you’re driving on a remote road, you probably know that the ditches are loaded with potential day-ruiners. Thankfully, God believes in fair play, so he gave deer a surface on their eyes that reflects light. When you see two yellowish green dots in the ditch, those dots often make their way toward the road. And, since deer rarely travel alone, they’ve probably brought some friends along.

Tip #3: Use your headlights to your advantage. When you’re on a country road with few other cars, wondering why this station plays so much John Mellencamp, use your highbeams whenever possible. And, when you happen upon a herd of deer, alert other drivers of the potential hazard with a simple flicker of your highbeams. They’ll often do the same.

Tip #4: Don’t lose your cool. So far, we’ve touched only on tips to avoid hitting a deer. However, sometimes a collision is unavoidable. In these cases, don’t panic. Don’t swerve into the ditch or oncoming traffic, simply brake and honk your horn. If you’re choosing between swerving or hitting the animal, well, the deer is gonna get it.

When these accidents happen–which, to be sure, we hope that they don’t–you’ll likely need some attention to your vehicle, which is where Speedcraft VW comes in. Our friendly service department will work quickly to return you to the road in no time, easing your stressload by fixing your car the right way, the first time. Simply click the button below to schedule your post-deer service!

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