Save on Service with our $199 Oil Maintenance Program!

December 27th, 2014 by

$199 Oil Maintenance Program Providence RI

When it comes to maximizing the value of your vehicle, there are a variety of avenues you can take to improve your return on investment. And, while some might opt for regular detailing or aftermarket parts to improve the value on their Volkswagen, the easiest and most certain step is one you might not have thought of: getting your VW in for a regular oil change at Speedcraft VW. And now, with our $199 Oil Maintenance Program at Speedcraft VW, drivers in Providence and the surrounding areas can experience all of these terrific benefits for themselves. So what is included in the Oil Maintenance Program, you ask?

Five Full Synthetic Oil Changes. Let’s be honest–even though most of us are probably fully capable of changing our oil, would we really want to? With Speedcraft’s VW-certified team of service professionals, not only do we eliminate the hassle of doing it yourself, you’ll also enjoy the confidence of knowing that you’ve got the most qualified men and women in the business looking at your vehicle.

Ten tire rotations are included with your enrollment in our Oil Maintenance Program!

Ten Tire Rotations. When your oil is being changed, do you ever think about your tires? The best way to ensure that your tires are aging evenly is to have them rotated regularly, and this is best performed in conjunction with your oil change. So why not leave your tire rotation to us?

Multi-Point Safety Inspection. Do you hear a rattle when your vehicle is idling? Or maybe you’ve noticed that your vehicle isn’t running as it should? During every visit, you’ll receive a free safety inspection to identify any issues that may be arising in your vehicle, with the hope being that we can identify problems before they become larger ones.

Hand Wash and Vac with Each Visit. Have you ever noticed that a clean car seems to run better? While this is probably the result of all of the inspections and services listed above, having your car look its best can’t hurt either, can it? So, each time you stop in for your oil change, you’ll receive a thorough cleaning by our staff.

The best thing about all of these services, however, is the price. While paying for each of these services individually would cost well over $500, the Speedcraft VW Oil Maintenance Program is now available for the one-time price of just $199. So are you ready to receive all of these benefits for yourself? Visit Speedcraft VW today to enroll in our program!