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What did you think of your time at Speedcraft Volkswagen? If you have any thoughts let us know. We love to hear from the drivers that visit us. Knowing what you thought is one of the best ways for us to learn how to do things better or a good way to know if we did something right. So please take a few moments to tell us what you thought about your time at Speedcraft Volkswagen.


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md d., Boston, MA 30 Apr 2013
For a VW place, it's not very user-friendly and hip as it could be. Walked in and out without anyone noticing there was a customer! Wandered around the lot for 10 minutes then stood outside the door looking at my phone before someone noticed! Prices are astronomical, typical back&forth with manager.... Secured a much better deal at another dealer nearby. If you have $$$ burning a hole in your pocket and don't mind being ignored, by all means this is your place. Show more
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